Reiki at Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society

Mar 31, 2018

This morning Brydee and Bella were in the lower waiting for me. I started in Brydee's stall and Bella took an immediate interest, as a result Brydee got territorial pinned his ears back telling her to get away from the fence. Shortly after, Brydee just walked to the back of the wooden shelter put his head down closed his eyes and slept. I can't even remember when I saw Brydee last obviously he really enjoyed the energy work. I haven't seen a lot of Bella this year and she too has been enjoying these energy sessions. Both horses were chewing and licking a lot through the session. By the time I left Bella's stall Brydee was still sleeping 😊

Mar 17, 2018

Bella and Scout were waiting for me in the lower stalls when I arrived, both were eating their last bits of hay. I stayed in Scout's stall since I know Bella likes her space. Once Bella finished eating she turned to face me then started to relax into the energy. Scout decided I was on his side so all my attention and energy should be going to him so he tried to maneuver me away from the fence thinking that would cut the connection between me and Bella. I just poked him when ever he tried to push me away. Since that didn't work he stuck his head over the fence to Bella's side and was getting in her space. Bella whined in displeasure and simply turned 45 degrees and continued to relax. I didn't want to be causing an issue so I hopped out of Scout's stall and stood on the grass outside of both the stalls. Since Bella was really relaxed Scout tapping into this started to relax his head and close his eye. Scout was the first to break away and went to the gate to look for barn staff. I hopped into Bella's stall, she seemed fine with this. She eventually stirred and went to drink some water and I thought ok I'm done, then she suddenly turned and blocked my path to the gate, so I thought to myself I guess I'm not done so I stayed a bit longer until she moved out of my way so I could leave.

Mar 10, 2018 

I saw Scout and Kohlie this morning. Since Kohlie doesn't really know me very well my original plan was to start with Scout that would help Kohlie be more receptive when it was his turn. Well that was a good plan but it didn't work out. It seemed that Scout was in a bit of a cranky mood he wasn't his normal gentlemanly self and then would pester Kohlie a when he was relaxing. Since my plan didn't work I hopped the fence into Kohlie's stall. I attached the lead rope to keep him from Scout and by holding the lead rope my energy connects with his. Kohlie was very receptive, at one point while I was standing closer to his rear he was breathly so deeply I could hear him exhale. Later he started feeling more comfortable with me as he was sniffing me up and down he would actually place his chin on my shoulder... I could feel the weight of his head. So I made a big step today in building a relationship with Kohlie. While working on Kohlie Scout had really settled down and relaxed. I tried my best to work on Scout while on Kohlie's side, but Kohlie discovering a new friendship with me kept poking and me that was quite distracting and I didn't want to let him off the lead rope incase he disturbed Scout. I was also thinking that these 2 are good friends who like to play so it may not be the best buddies for energy work .

Mar 3, 2018

It was great to be back! Leigha said since Blue leaves Bella would probably be missing her so it was Bella and Scout. I started with Scout as Bella was eating some breakfast. Scout really got into it quickly! He snuggled up to me to that is face was about 6 inches away from me, he quickly closed his eyes and dropped his head. As I was working on Scout I was hoping that Bella would be finished her hay soon and join us. Well she must have been hungry, she was hoovering every little hay morsel that she could find. She finally settled down and assumed her pose with her head down and did some chewing. Although Bella was the main intention it was great to see that Scout really enjoyed it.

Nov 4, 2017

I saw Casino and Kolhie this morning. We gave Casino some hay to keep him busy while I worked on Kolhie. Kolhie has always watched me do Reiki but he has never really relaxed into the energy yet; I know Casino isn't the best energetic partner for him. It was a bit different his body kept wanting to be closer to me but he had a lot of mental energy going on at the same time. The only way I could see he was being affected was that he did a lot of chewing. Casino must have felt the energy because at one point he left his hay and came over to watch for awhile and then returned to his hay. Casino loves the energy work! He quickly relaxed and his eyes were closing and dropped his head, it was a good session. As I was leaving Leigha and I were at the barn door talking about the session. Then we saw Kolhie start to yawn a few times, I was so happy to see that he experienced some relief from the session!

Oct 8, 2017

Well there was a change in the line up from what we had planned last week, today I saw Bella and Scout. I know Bella likes her space so I stayed in Scout's stall. I think the last time I worked on Scout was last fall, it was like he forgot what I was all about as he was busy checking out the stall he was placed in. Bella on the other hand was ready to relax but Scout was causing some distractions; eventually they settled down. While I was working on Scouts front legs he did a lot of yawning, I know that it is are where a lot tension builds up. By the time was I done they were both facing each other and about a foot separating their

Oct 1, 2017

Today started off great but it turned out to be a rather short day. Leigha and planned to have Blue and Casino in the outside stalls. I noticed before leaving the barn that Blue was super restless and she didn't calm down when she was in the stall outside. I started with Casino who was constantly trying to snuggle closer to me when he was already touching me.... I kept thinking you can't closer. Casino would close his eyes and try to get more relaxed but the tension rolling off of Blue was too much, he kept getting distracted by her so we called it a day.

Leigha and I decided we would try Bella and Blue in the barn and then do Casino and Kohlie outside. As I said to Leigha we are dealing with animals so we don't always get to do what we want to achieve....until next week.

Sept 23, 2017

I was so excited to be back at CVTRS, I've missed the horses! Today I started with 2 new horses Casino and Kohlie. They were put in the outdoor stalls and apparently they didn't reallly know each other so I couldn't just jump in and do my thing since the horses were curious about each other. I felt that Casino's energy was a bit off and was probably suppressing some stress. I thought it might be easier to start with Kohlie, who wasn't too sure what to make of everything had a lot of mental energy going on. Although I noticed while working with Kohlie Casino had calmed down considerably. I held onto Casino's lead rope and he relaxed quite quickly, he closed his eyes and dropped his head. I felt some tension in my shoulders so I put my hand on his withers and suddenly all of this muscle twitching went through out his body. for the next 5 minutes I touched his neck, shoulder, front leg and back and the twitching continued, finally he shook his head and gave 2 big blow outs. I felt he didn't want me to let go of the lead rope because he liked the connection but I wanted to give hime more space to show me what he wanted so I took his halter off. He followed me around until I stood still and then he positioned himself right beside me and then he moved so his buttocks was right in front of me, he kept backing into me as if he couldn't get closed enough 😊 I finally had to move off to the side because he was going to eventually push me up against the fence. I could feel he really shifted and was more relaxed he looked like a completely different horse to me. So I can see that I will be seeing him next week to peel off another layer of tension. It was so satisfying to see that he really enjoyed it and wanted more.

April 1, 2017

It was another great day at the barn!! I started off with Watson and Hoss again. Before I started off with Watson I went into Hoss' stall just to say hi and hopefully buildon the foundation we started last week. Hoss was busy munching on hay and seemed ok with the idea I was in his stall and giving him a friendly pat. I was surprised today, Watson usually doesn't want physical contact but he initiated it, he walked directly up to me face to face and then stepped right beside me so that I was standing right at his front legs. He had a lot of tension in his shoulders and as I was touching him I could feel his muscles releasing a bit. Then he moved his back end away from me so that he was more at an angle to me so I took it as a message "I still want to be close to you but no more touching." I could see his eyes closing as he rested his neck on the reailing. Every once and awhile I would turn to look at Hoss and he was at the fence watching us. Once when Watson was at his most relaxed point I looked at Hoss and his head was down too!

I went to Hoss after Watson just to spend a few minutes. I didn't enter his stall I just stayed in the connecting hallway joining the 2 stalls. He came up me and he eventually started to relax until his chin was resting on the stall door. I could see his eyes were slowly starting to get heavy and it was like he was falling asleep and I think his chin was slipping off the door and he we jolt himself awake. I'm very pleased he is starting to take notice of how good the energy work feels. I'm not at the point where I am prepared to work on him in his stall, he has to learn a few more manners as he is a big horse and it's easier for me to control my boundaries through a fence or door.

Off to Brydee and Bella I had to laugh when I walked into Brydee's stall to see a second little fence erected about 8" away from the wooden fence. I know Brydee always puts his head through to bug or tease his neighbour... but that little fence created some interesting dynamics between the 3 of us today. Normally I would stand Brydee's stall in the corner closest to Bella so I could be near her but she would have her space. So I saw this 2nd fence and thought where do I stand? I thought I guess where I normally do so that would mean in between the 2 fences. That just didn't not feel right and I could sense Brydee was not happy about me in that space (I guess technically that area wasn't his stall anymore). I moved into Brydee's area and then boom he walked right up to me, then eventually I felt a little poke I knew that was him asking me touch him. Once I figured out where I was suppose to be Bella blew out 3 time and she settled into a relaxed state too. We stood like that for quite awhile and then Brydee walked to another corner and lowered his eyes and head and slept. Bella on the other hand, kept turning her head to look at me and if she was expecting something from me. I kept thinking what?? It was like she was saying "is it my turn now?" I thought "what you mean, you don't want me in your stall I give you space, you have been relaxing with Brydee" then I thought... the fence! So I went between the 2 fences and then boom like that she was happy and her eyes closed and her head was down. I can't figure that out it is always the same inches and feet and last week but the 2nd fence and the dead space between it is saying something to the horses.

March 28,2017

I started off with Watson, he did a few of his usual positions... the interesting this was that Hoss started to notice. I've mentioned in the past that Hoss is nervous around me so I keep my distance, I was always hoping that through working with Watson he would be more open towards me. Hoss came up to the fence to watch it all, apparently he wasn't so keen on me looking at him so I could only check him out at the corner of my eye. There were time that Watson would close his eyes and drop his head and at these times Hoss would lick, chew and eventually he dropped his head too!!! He was a bit to nervous about it so he wouldn't stay in that position as long as Watson. Watson, did a lot of licking and chewing... I think he was ready for a session. Watson disconnected and made it clear he wanted his hay that was behind me. Hoss was still watching us so SLOWLY I approached the fence that connected the 2 stalls and just stood there. I was mentally talking to him telling him what a beautiful boy he was, how handsome he was... so I guess he heard me and walked over to me. He interacted with me, he let me pet him, I could feel that he was calm... THAT was a HUGE step for Hoss!!!

Off to Bella and Brydee. Brydee was already outside, once I got Bella outside and closed the door to her inside stall I hopped the fence into Brydee stall (so Bella could have her space) and stood in the corner so I could be close to Bella . I couldn't believe it Bella just walked up beside me and closed her eyes. Brydee walked up beside me and tried to put his head through the fence to bug Bella... I took step forward to physically block him, he took the hint and closed his eyes too. It was magical the 3 of us huddled together! Brydee was right up against me I thought man I hope he doesn't start leaning into me he is going to squish me into the fence. I think he picked up on my thought as shortly after moved, he stood facing me about 3 feet away. Bella did a lot of chewing and licking, she took a little break and then came right back. Eventually Brydee gave a really big stretch and I knew we were done. Wow I thougt the horses really missed me over the past 3 weeks, then I realized with all the snow I probably haven't worked with these 2 since Jan. What ever the time was they were eager for their sessions

March 8, 2017

Well it was another rather quiet day at the barn. The horses in the upper barn still can't get outside so again I thought it best to let them go out into the field and just keep Watson and Hoss in.

It took Watson some time to get into it. He was in what I call his "statue" pose at first, then he walked right up beside me so that right at his front legs were right next to me. He usually doesn't liked to be touched but since he was this close I took it as an invitation. He let me touch him for awhile then he walked away a bit and then his head dropped and eyes closed. It was like he was absorbing everything when I was touching him and then walked away to relax and process. No yawning today but he give one big blow out.

Feb 28, 2017

When I arrived Jo was still out in the fields dropping hay for the horses so I had a few minutes to check in with everyone in barn. To my surprise Cruise was taking an interest in me, he choose me over his food and just really calmed right down into the moment with me. Since the barn horses still don't have access to their outside stalls I thought it best to just let Brydee and Bella go directly out to the fields. I can understand they want out asap after being in their stalls for over 12 hours.... I am there to help them not the other way around.

Jo had given Watson some hay to eat and was still in his stall so I thought I would just work on him. Hoss was in the next stall, he was given some hay to keep him happy while I was with Watson. Well it took Watson a really long time to open up and get into it but once he started he wouldn't let me leave, I was with him for an hour. This is the horse that doesn't want to be touched, he does his poses and positions me at certain angles. Once he opened up I could feel he had a lot of shoulder tension, I was hoping he would do some blowing out or yawning to move the energy but he only gave a deep sign, one yawn and lots of chewing. Eventually I thought he was wrapping it up so I thought about leaving, nope he walked right up to me so his back end was right beside me. I took that as an invitation to touch him, he allowed it so that's what he obviously wanted. From time to time through out his poses he would drop his head with his eyes half closed. At one point he walked right up to me so that this head was just a few inched from my face and he just relaxed into that space. Interestingly enough Hoss was taking notice as to what Watson and I were doing and walk over to the joining their stall and rested for a while.

Feb 18, 2017

Well there is still lots of snow as a result, the horses in the barn still don't have access to their outside stall and in the lower stalls the horses have pathways through snow and ice. I helped Jo take the horses to the fields but I knew the horses wanted to the fields so I didn't bother working on anyone. I didn't feel the frustration from the horses like I did last week.

Feb 11, 2017

At least this week I was able to get out of my driveway! Wow when I got to the barn there was so much snow the horses couldn't use their outside stall so they we stuck in their inside stalls, needless to say they were anxious to get out into the fields!! I could feel their frustration so I quickly touched base with following Brydee.... what a happy man he is. Bella has always appreciated her space, she doesn't necessarily want to be touched unless she initiates it. Last year when I worked on Sasha, she joined in the session even though she was on the other side of the fence... so I work Brydee in a similar manner and she joins in. So today I stayed in the hallway and gave her space around the door, she was gradually closing her eyes but didn't go into a deep relaxation.

Watson... he just wanted out!

Jan 28, 2017

It was a great day at the barn on Saturday. I started off with Brydee and Bella. I positioned myself in Brydee's outside stall in the corner next to Bella, I figured I would just start and see who joined in. Both had been given some hay earlier so they were busy hoovering up what they could find on the ground. Brydee had a sparkle back in his eye so I wasn't sure if he was going to be interested in the energy work today. Eventually Bella started to take notice and lowered her head and closed her eyes. She has been feeling more settled and calmer over the past 2 weeks so I'm hoping she is turning a corner. Then Brydee walked right up to me about 4" away from me, then gradually lowered his head, I imagine his eyes were closed because he was so close I couldn't tell. Bella would change positions from time to time but still relaxing.

Watson was moved to the upper barn when everyone else went out to the fields. He had a harder time settling down, once he dropped his head into one of his poses and then he heard a noise so he got distracted. Near the end he started to relax into it. While working on Watson I noticed Brydee and Bella were still in the same positions that I left them in so they had a really good session.

Jan 21, 2017

My line up was Watson, Bella and Brydee. I started off with Watson, well things don't always go as planned. Hoss went out into the fields to get a stretch before his class so Cruise was put into the stall next to Watson. Apparently these 2 horses are not the best of friends Cruise was given hay to distract him. Once everything settled down Watson was open to having a session he would get into his position and drop his head. Well Cruise would sense the change and decide walk over, Watson then meet Cruise on the fence line and have their dispute of neighs and trying to bite each other. I tried my best to get Watson far from the fence or stop Cruise from approaching the fence. After so many interuptions from Cruise I decided to end the session. Jo and I decided that when Hoss goes to the field Watson would go up to the barn. I went to see Brydee and Bella Jo manuuered them into their outside stalls so Bella couldn't focus on the hallway. I was in Bella's stall then I turned to took at Brydee and immediately I knew he was feeling really rough; I hopped the fence to his side. After a few moments he took a step closer to me, so I took a step closer to him, he didn't need more than that for an invitation he walked right up to me so I could touch him. He placed his back and hind quarters to me, his head dropped and he was struggling to keep his eyes open. Bella gradually drifted off as well. Brydee eventually turned himself around so I was between his front legs and head, again his head dropped and eyes closed. They both had a very good session I was with him for about 40 min. I could feel the tension in Brydee releasing so I hope he had a better day.

Dec 24, 2016

The plan was to see Bella, Brydee, Watson. I started off with Watson, Hoss was kept in the stall next to him to keep him company. Well Hoss was in a mood, he want out and he wanted out now! He was banging his hoof on the ice and the metal railing making lots of noise. I know he was pretty frustrated because a big part of the outside stalls were ice so there was very little space to walk. Watson seemed pretty happy to see me unfortunately with all the noise Hoss was making it was hard for me to focus and it distracted Watson too. I would tell Hoss to stop or settle down but it only worked for a minute. So I decided to go into Hoss' stall, well he didn't know what to make of that and he quietened down, then he came over to sniff me down. I could feel the tension coming off of him and did my best to shift it. I went back to Watson, Hoss still made some noise but Watson and I were able to ignore it this time. Watson likes the energy from a distance and at different angles and positions. Today was different, he walked up to me and put his body part that he wanted touched right up to me. I was working mostly on his hind quarters, his head immediately dropped. I peered over his back end from time to time to see what he was doing, he was yawning a lot and well as sticking his tongue out. Boy did he ever appreciate this session. Once we finished he came up to snuggle with me. That was surprising Scout is a snuggler but I've never known Watson to be so affectionate At one point I just held my hand up flat and he pushed his nose into my palm then he started to nibble on my hand so I pulled my hand into a fist as I didn't want any accidents happening to my fingers, the next thing I knew he had my fist completely in his mouth! I trust Watson completely I know he would never do anything to hurt me and I know he was being affectionate but it was my limitation I just wasn't comfortable having my hand in his mouth. LOL I said my good bye and off to Bella.

Well Bella is still out of sorts. She was focused on Kris wanting to go out into the field so she wasn't interested in me. I thought if I worked on Brydee she would feel it and come and join us.... well he was busy eating hay and loving life. Wow Brydee is such a good place so much happiness and joy radiates from him. So it just wan't meant to happen this week.

I'll be back the first Sat in Jan. Happy New Year!

Dec 17, 2016

Well it was a cold one and even thought I was bundled up I wasn't sure how long I would last. I was cold I had a hard time focusing so I kept my visits brief and since I didn't make it last week (I was snowed in) I just wanted to touch base with some of the horses.

All the horses were kept in their inside stalls due to all the snow fall last week and so they were eager to get out into the freedom of the fields!

I started off with Brydee. I must say our relationship has really transformed! I really haven't spent a lot of time with Brydee before this fall and he has always been very stoic and serious when I was with him. In retrospect I think there were a few things going on but one of them was that he really didn't understand how I could help. He was open open to Reiki this year and he felt the benefits so now he gives me a friendly greeting and plays. This morning he was a such a different horse, it was like he was a teenager, happy, a good sense of humour and he loves living at the barn and loves his life. My intention was for him to help me with Bella but since we couldn't use the outside stalls we just had a brief 1 on 1 to touch base.

Next was Sherman, I've been working on his energy and home and I feel that it is starting to pay off. Although he was watching for Kris to remind him he was still in his stall and needed to be taken to the field, he was pretty calm and wasn't pacing. In the past he has been pretty good at ignoring me and just focused on the hallway. This morning he acknowledged my presence more and from time to time would step closer and closer to me or he would back up into me to that I would touch him. That was progress!

Checked in on Pockets who just really wanted to get to the field!!

Bella was just cleaning up the last bit of hay on the ground. Since she was focused on eating and my toes were becoming icicles. She felt really calm and I couldn't get 100% read but I feel like her mood has improved ... maybe she was just happy because she was eating LOL!

Dec 3, 2016 

My line up today was Bella, Brydee, Pockets and Sherman. I started off with Bella. In the past few weeks she has been focused on the hallway and watching for barn staff so when she walked out to her outside stall I took my opportunity and closed the door to her inside stall. She was open of to having a session and when she really started to relax Brydee sensed it and came outside to stand in the corner of the stall which was closest to Bella. So basically I had Bella, me, the fence and Brydee in different positions. Either Bella stood right in front of me face to face or she would back into me. Brydee was either standing right beside me or in front of me, either way I was surrounded by the 2 horses. I was with them for about an hour and neither one had disconnected but I needed to move on to the other horses so I quietly left.

I have never worked on Pockets before and he wasn't too sure what I was about. Through this first session we learnt a little bit about each other. First of all I can't put my hands in my pockets and apparently I do this a lot . As soon as Pockets saw my hands in my pockets he thought I had treats for him and became focused on finding these treats. Second, he isn't use to wearing the horse blanket so if I touched him he became very alert so the blanket needed to be taken off. It was basically an introduction so I didn't get too far. I noticed he started to tap into the energy when I was focusing on Sherman.

Sherman was already out in the grass outside of his stall. Sherman is an interesting horse, he puts up a lot of walls and it's not that easy to get behind them as I need to be invited into his space. I think some of the ways he gets stress off his body is to be out in the fields and by running.

Nov 26, 2016 Today my line was Bella, Brydee, Sherman and Scout.

I started off with Bella but I suspected I would need to do Brydee and Bella together. Bella was really focused on the barn staff wanting to go out into the field. I managed to maneuver her to her outside stall and closed the door to her inner stall. Reiki is not about forcing energy onto another, the person needs to be open and the animal needs to turn their attention to me. Bella just isn't very happy these days and was resistant to my efforts. I was hoping Brydee would come outside so I could work on him and as he relaxed Bella would pick up on that too and then her attention would be on me. Well it didn't go as I planned when Brydee did come out he was doing things to annoy her. Through watching his antics I began to realize he had a sense of humour to his behavior and was trying to cheer her up. Eventually Brydee started yawning and Bella was relaxing a little but not as deeply as I would have liked. I spent a fair bit of time with these 2, they eventually disconnected and so I moved on.

Sherman was next, I didn't spend a great deal of time with him I focused on his front legs on is wounds. He was pretty calm about it. Eventually he started his pacing so I moved on.

Scout was still nibbling on breakfast. He didn't initiate anything with me so I know he was feeling ok.

Nov 19, 2016

Today I saw Bella, Brydee, Scout and Sherman. It was an interesting start, I tried to start with Bella but she seemed a little on the cranky side and was determined to catch Kris' attention so she could go out into the field. I went to her outside stall and Brydee was in his outside stall. Wow!!! what a difference, Brydee is feeling so much better, it looks like the little stallion is back! I hopped the fence to spend time with him, he was busy eating hay but I could tell the energy was flowing through him no problem. I guess what I was doing with Brydee caught Bella's attention as she came out for a while and Brydee left for his inner stall. So I hopped the fence to spend time with Bella. I know she has really been missing Sasha but I was working on trying to help her let that go. She seemed a bit stuck, she gave some blow outs but she just couldn't seem let go and relax. Brydee then came outside again and stood right beside me. I thought was funny how he was relaxing into it wit his head lowered but if Bella came close his ears would go back. I thought maybe it's best that I hop the fence again over to Brydee and maybe Bella could use some space. Sure enough as was focusing on both of them Bella started a series of yawns. By the time I left Bella looked lighter so something shifted.

Then I went into Scout's stall, he still had some hay but was willing to take a break from eating to spend time with me. I know he was a wound near his hoof he watched as I checked it out but didn't pull away. As I focused on it I didn't feel a build up of stuck energy which is good, everything seemed to be flowing well so hopefully it will heal quickly. He didn't completely relax in the session but his head dropped down a few inched. Sherman was in the next stall pacing and when Scout relaxed I heard Sherman quieten down as well. When Scout felt he got want he needed he returned to eating and Sherman started moving around in his stall too.

Then I went to see Sherman it's been along time since I've spent time with him, maybe a year ago. I always found that Sherman has a lot of restless energy so I always focused trying to ground him. He spent the entire time looking out into the hallway... I had to take baby steps with him. Eventually I was able to get him to drop his head a few inches while looking out into the hallway. ext

Nov 5, 2016

My line up this week was Java, Cruise, Brydee and Scout. Since Java and Cruise are buddies I started off with Java hoping that as Java relaxed Cruise would as well. The few times I've seen Java my impression is that he is a very calm and relaxed horse. He was pretty focused on watching the barn staff as he wanted to go out so I can't say he tuned into me but I tuned into him and I love this guy... such a sweet man!!

Cruise seemed pretty high strung when I walked into his stall, I really wasn't sure I was going to be able to help him calm down... I thought oh well I'm working on building trust and our relationship. Then suddenly he would turn around and look at the field behind the barn drop his head and relax. He would stay like that for a few minutes and then turn around continue to watch the hallway in the barn. He did the same thing again, I was really surprise how he turn it off and on. I find horses hold a lot of tension in their back end and they like it when I put my hands there. Well Cruise would suddenly turn around and back into me. He did this 3 times, he would do it so quickly I really had to jump out of the way or he would crush me into the wall. Very interesting session, so I will be seeing him next week.

Brydee was happy to see me, he actually leaned forward to greet me as I walked up to him. I know he isn't feeling well so I thought I would spend a little extra time with him. We were mostly in his outdoor paddock with his head lowered and his eyes closed. I could see his head drop lower and lower, then he would hear a noise and his head would pop up a little then his head would slowly drop lower and lower. So he had a pretty good session.

Scout must have been felling better today as he really wasn't interested in me.

Oct 29, 2016

Cruise and Java in the arena for my first session. The moment I saw Java I new he was a fabulous soul, oh my I love this guy! Cruise first had to run around the arena a bit to stretch and then roll around to scratch his back and then he decided his was hungry so both Cruise and Java spent most of their time search for bits of hay to eat. This was the first time I've worked with them so I wasn't sure what to expect. I gave them space so I wasn't intruding and then gradually moved closer. Cruise was pushing Java a lot so I needed that to settle down. Eventually Cruise stopped looked up and stared at me for awhile and then he walked towards me and even though he was looking for hay he stayed very close and wanted to be near me. I thought Java liked it but Cruise would come along and push. Although no one yawned or closed their eyes there was a lot of blowing out from both horses which was a good sign.

I went into a stall to see Scout and he was busy eating. Brydee (in the next stall) took an interest in me and walked over to the fence. I could tell he was not feeling well so I hopped the fence to spend time with him. To me Brydee's attitude has been "I'm fine, I don't need anything, check on someone else." Well once I was over the fence he inched closer and closer to me his dropping his head and closed his eyes. He kept getting closer that he was up against my sleeve so I thought, ok maybe I'll touch you so you don't have to crawl on top of me.... he definitely wanted that contact. Wow for Brydee to initiate or ask for energy work I know he is not feeling well. Gradually he started looking a bit better standing a bit taller then he made me laugh he stretched out his right hind leg behind him, to me it looked like a ballerina stretch. I could see he was still absorbing everything and it was enough for the moment. Scout was causing a bit of disturbance over the fence so I thought it was time to see him.

I went into a stall to see Scout and he was busy eating. Brydee (in the next stall) took an interest in me and walked over to the fence. I could tell he was not feeling well so I hopped the fence to spend time with him. To me Brydee's attitude has been "I'm fine, I don't need anything, check on someone else." Well once I was over the fence he inched closer and closer to me his dropping his head and closed his eyes. He kept getting closer that he was up against my sleeve so I thought, ok maybe I'll touch you so you don't have to crawl on top of me.... he definitely wanted that contact. Wow for Brydee to initiate or ask for energy work I know he is not feeling well. Gradually he started looking a bit better standing a bit taller then he made me laugh he stretched out his right hind leg behind him, to me it looked like a ballerina stretch. I could see he was still absorbing everything and it was enough for the moment. Scout was causing a bit of disturbance over the fence so I thought it was time to see him.

I went into a stall to see Scout and he was busy eating. Brydee (in the next stall) took an interest in me and walked over to the fence. I could tell he was not feeling well so I hopped the fence to spend time with him. To me Brydee's attitude has been "I'm fine, I don't need anything, check on someone else." Well once I was over the fence he inched closer and closer to me his dropping his head and closed his eyes. He kept getting closer that he was up against my sleeve so I thought, ok maybe I'll touch you so you don't have to crawl on top of me.... he definitely wanted that contact. Wow for Brydee to initiate or ask for energy work I know he is not feeling well. Gradually he started looking a bit better standing a bit taller then he made me laugh he stretched out his right hind leg behind him, to me it looked like a ballerina stretch. I could see he was still absorbing everything and it was enough for the moment. Scout was causing a bit of disturbance over the fence so I thought it was time to see him.

Scout looks so much better this week, Kris said he saw the chiropractor which I sure helped a lot. Scout enjoys my session so he snuggled right up to me and his head lowered. Brydee decided he wanted a bit more so he came and stood as close as he could me, despite the fence. Well that was ok for awhile but then Scout decided he wasn't going to share me.

Oct 8, 2016 at CVTRS

Well it has been great to be back I've really missed working with these horses! This morning was like a monsoon so we did something different today I worked in the ring with Scout and Bella. I've worked in paddocks before but not as large as the ring, I had a brief thought what if they walk away and ignore me! Well the session was fabulous! As I was getting started they had to work on some boundaries and personal space issues, Scout was really getting in Bella's face so she would give out a few angry neighs. As time went on it was really neat Scout was right behind me and Bella was facing me with her head dropped and eyes closed. They would take a break and re position themselves, another moment was when Scout was in front of me his head lowered and started yawning, Bella walked right up and faced him (maybe 6 inches away) and lowered her head . I thought to myself so much for your personal space issues LOL as long as it feels good it's ok. Then near they were standing in a line Bella in front and Scout right behind her both with heads down and eyes closed. Bella looked so much calmer at the end of the session. I think Bella is figuring out her place in this group and is aware that there are only few mares this year. Scout is handsome, fabulous and gentle as ever.

May 14, 2016 at CVTRS

Well since the lower stalls have been taken down it was a different day.

I started off with Cody and Layton. Cody was fixated on going to the fields and he paced back and forth at his gate. He greeted me when I first came into his stall and then went back to pacing. Layton on the other hand was into the energy work however, because he likes to nibble and poke at me I had to stand in Cody's stall out of his reach. Layton settled down very quickly and eventually yawned several times.

Bella and Sasha were up in their stalls in the barn. They showed no interest in me, they were focused on the barn staff waiting to go out into the fields.

I can't compete with green grass the excitement of being in the fields LOL!

May 7, 2016 at CVTRS

Wow it was a great day at the barn!

Kensy said Scout, Watson, Cody and Layton were in the lower stalls I could pick who I wanted to see before I saw Sasha and Bella. Well Watson saw me coming and he really perked up so I went to say hi. I went in his stall and I would say he was really happy to see me he was right on me very engaging, he must have noticed my absence last week LOL. He wouldn't let me leave his stall when I tried to go to the gate he blocked me... so I guess he wanted a session. He went in his stall and lowered his head, I was still outside his stall so he backed into the wall that I was standing against. Then he would turn around and stick his lowered head out the entrance, then he came out for awhile. He is normally a horse that I would say is very mellow verging on aloof but boy he was so excited he didn't know what to do with himself; " should I be in my stall or should I be outside, which is the best position!!"

Scout seems to be back to his old self which is really nice to see. He walked up and greeted me and pushed his shoulder into me getting up close and personal. He actually felt really good and balanced. I have noticed in the past that when I leave Watson's stall that's when he really relaxes, he doesn't have to think about where I am, he still feels the energy and picks up on what is happening with Scout. So that's what happened today, he kept along the fence with Scout with his head lowered. Both horses where really relaxed until Scout thought hmm let's play who can bite the other's neck first. Eventually they settled down and I moved between the 2 and they calmed down again.

I went to see Cody next, I think the last time spent time with his was last year. He was pretty impatient to get out to the fields so at first he had no interest in me. Eventually he came over to say hi and then walked to a corner lowered his head, blew out a few times and closed his eyes. He stayed like that for quite awhile, Layton came up and stood by the fence and dropped his head too. Eventually Cody came right up to me and stood wanting some physical contact and again lowered his head and closed his eyes.

Then I went off to see the 2 girls Sasha and Bella. I must say I think Sasha has really calmed down from when I first started working with her. I started off in Bella's stall, she of course is so receptive she just relaxes right into it. Sasha was off in her far corner with her eyes closed. I always work on them in Maggie's and Hoss' stalls and today was the first day that neither of them walked around and explored the stalls they just stood there calm as can be. I eventually went into Sasha's stall but kept to the fence to be near Bella, it was getting hot in the sun so I moved into the shade of the barn. I had to smile, Sasha walked over to where I was standing so I had both horses standing right in front of me looking right at me like good little soldiers LOL. Then Sasha yawned about 4 or 5 times and then when she walked away I felt the session was over.

April 23, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a really great day at the barn, I saw the usual 4 Scout, Watson, Bella and Sasha. It's been 2 weeks that I've seen the horses because to horse shows on the property so it was nice to be back!

I started with Watson. At first I wasn't sure if he really wanted a session but then he walked into his stall turned around and stuck his head out and lowered his head with his eyes partially closed. I thought well that makes sense if he really wanted to relax he would go into his stall as he would feel safer there. He then yawned about 10 times during out time together. Great session.

I headed over to Scout. He has been very different with me for quiet awhile, usually he likes to be close and to be touched. He spent the first bit in a corner that connects Watson's stall with his head lowered, then Watson joined him and lowered his head as well. He eventually moved off to another corner to watch the barn on the next door. I thought yeah I'm just not sure if he is interested today. So I left his stall, just as I was closing the gate he walked right up and stopped right in front of me so I stopped and started to touch him, his head immediately dropped. I kept working on him through the gate and he seemed to want it so I came back into his stall, this time he was much more interactive.

I was told that Bella was a bit out of sorts and I could tell she was restless. I started off in Bella's stall and I could see she wanted the energy but with boundaries of no physical contact, I can respect that as they are being touched and handled a lot during the week. About a minute of being in Sasha's stall she walked right up to me our faces about 6 inches apart and she just stood there for a few minutes, I was thrilled that she came up to me and greeted me... I guess she noticed my absence!! Yep I'm going to be bold and say she might feel a connection with me now. Sasha had a really calm sense about her today, it was Bella who was off. Bella stayed near the fence line but behind me out of sight, when I turned

April 2, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a really great day at the barn, I saw the usual Watson, Scout, Bella and Sasha.

I started with Watson and he did the same thing as last week. He walked up to me our faces were about 6 or 8 inches apart and after a few minutes he started a series of yawns. He stayed near me for most of the session, he took at little break to see what the staff were up to and then came back. He is one who likes to position himself in relation to me, he started off parallel to me and then finished with his back end in front of me. He really seemed to get a lot out of the session.e usual Watson, Scout, Bella and Sasha.

Scout was in his outdoor area while I was working on Watson and about 5 minutes before I finished with Watson Scout went into his stall. Then I entered his outdoor area he only poked his head out, he didn't seem to interested in coming all the way out so I just stood about 2 feet away from his stall door. I figured if he is only poking his head out he wants his space so I gave it to him. Well it took him awhile but eventually he head was down and his eye closed.... I think he really needed that! Over the course of his session he stepped over the threshold so at least his front legs were outside. There was a few moments he seemed unsteady and I thought he might try to lay down.

Sasha and Bella, they both greeted me as I came into their stalls. It seemed like Bella was eager to spend time together. Even though I am in Sasha's stall I tend to stand close to the fence that connects the 2 stalls and Bella for the most part stays near this fence. Well once Bella got herself settled she pretty much stood there with her eyes closed, one time I looked over and she was in a series of yawning (about 4 that I saw). Sasha was very calm today too, she explored a little but tended to linger close to me. In the end she had her back end close to me and she closed her eyes, she probably stayed in that position for about 10 to 15 min which is amazing for her! Progress!!

March 26, 2016 at CVTRS

I had my usual line up of Watson, Scout, Sasha, Bella and was going to check in with Pocket as well.

I started off with Watson, he was doing things a bit different today. Normally I just stand there and he decided how close and where he is. Today he stood face to face with me, then he yawned about 5 times. Wow he has a really big mouth and big teeth! I was keeping the sessions a little short as I knew an activity was going to start at 10.

Scout had already been relaxing as I was working on Watson. Scout just wasn't his normal self today he seemed in a protective mode but I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. He was open to the session, he yawned a fair bit and blew out a few times.

Sasha and Bella were already in the lower stalls. They both greeted me as I walked in their stalls. I felt that Bella needed a bit of extra time with me on her own... she is such an amazing spirit. Sasha did her usual spent time near me and then explored the stall. I'm now at the point of touching her now but only if she come close to me so she still has the option of no contact.

I was about to check in on Pocket when I heard about Max passing away, I was upset so I was not in the right space to do energy work so I left. In retrospect I wondered if that was why Scout was off today.

March 19, 2016 at CVTRS

Sorry I forgot about sending the email last week I had a lot of stuff going on.

I saw Watson, Scout, Sasha and met a new horse (for me) Pocket. I briefly met Pocket, she just arrived the day before I believe and is a bit nervous being in her new environment so hopefully I can see her next week too.

Last week when Watson saw me walking to his stall he dropped his head and went into "his position." When I got into his stall he walked right up to me so I was at his stomach and he yawned at least 10 times ans shook out a few times all within the first 4 minutes.... so he really needed that release. This week he seemed better he yawned from time to time but not as intense as it was last week.

I went to see Sasha and Bella next who were waiting for me in the lower stalls. I must say I'm please with the progress I've made with Sasha! I still use Bella as she walks closer and closer to the fence when I work and Bella really helps Sasha relax. Sasha still walks around exploring her environment but she always comes back and stands next to me. She still nibbles my hair and other parts of me so she is obviously more comfortable with me. I took out session a step further I have never touched while in her stall as that is her space but today, while standing next to her I put my hand on her withers she didn't move and she just closed her eyes. She eventually walked away, then while she was standing near me I thought now I will put my hand on her back end as she really needs to be more grounded. A few seconds after placing my hand on her she lowered her head a bit and closed her eyes....PROGRESS!!

March 5, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a rather quiet day at the barn. My line up was Watson, Scout and Sasha.

I started off with Scout. I think his arthritis was really bothering him today, he didn't initiate any physical contact with me which is unusual for him. I approached him and just started to work on his front legs, with his head he nudged me away... he just couldn't handle it today.

Watson on the other hand is looking better then last week. He was busy watching the grounds keeper work at the barn entrance and then he went in his stall to finish eating his hay. So by the fact that he look no interest in me is a VERY good sign that he was feeling good!

Sasha and Bella were still in their stalls in the middle of eating their hay so I didn't get much accomplished their either.

Anyways it was nice to see them and always gives me a positive start to my day.

Feb 27, 2016 at CVTRS

I had an AMAZING day at the barn:)

I started off with Scout and as soon as I walked into his stall and stood still he walked right up to me with his right shoulder pressing into me, I really didn't get a chance to center or ground myself. As soon as I started to touch him he yawned at least 10 or 12 times he just kept yawning and then blew out and a head shake and this all happened in less then 5 minutes! He took a bit of a break to check out what has happening at the barn next door. Then he made his way back to me and then I started to work on his front legs and again he dropped his head quickly to see what I'm doing. I started working on his upper right leg closer to his body and he gave out a big yawn. So that was a really productive session!

Off to Watson, the poor guy has the runs again and I could tell it is really wearing him down. I know he wasn't feeling very well and it took me some time to help him feel balanced and grounded again. While I was there I kept hearing his odd sound like a faucet dripping coming from his throat and mouth area.

Based on the success last week by moving Sasha and Bella to the lower stalls, the barn staff had already moved them to Hoss and Maggie's stall which was perfect as they had a bit of time to settle in before I showed up. Sasha was such a COMPLETELY different horse!!! She was really calm and interacted with me A LOT. When I first arrive she stretched her head to me to sniff me and then throughout the session she would walk away and explore a bit of the stall and come back to me. She was very up close and personal with me, all of a sudden her lips were gently all over my face, that took trust on my part as I like my nose and chin the way they are! I didn't move I felt that she was really calm so I knew I wasn't going to get accidentally hurt. Then she thoroughly sniffed me down, again lips moving all over me my shoulder, pants, boots then all over my back I could feel her gently mouthing my neck and hair. To me I felt a lot was achieved because no matter where she went she always came back and stood beside me. She is so different down here compared to the barn where it seems she is always on guard.

Feb 20, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a great day at the barn, the sun was shinning and I saw Scout, Watson, Sherman and Sasha. However there was one a challenge, a dog event was going on at the barn so dogs were constantly barking needless to say not the best environment if you were really trying to relax.

I started with Scout, I think he is doing much better then he was a month ago. His head dropped and his eye lid was struggling to stay open. Watson was busy watching the barn activity eventually he made his way over to Scout and I he yawned a few times, blew out a few times, one was so loud both Scout and I jumped. Then Watson walked into his stall to finish eating his hay. I worked on Scouts front legs as I did last week, again I could tell he felt a shift as his head immediately dropped, after I finished he kept digging in the dirt with his right leg. I think he was still working the energy through his leg, maybe the joints didn't feel as stiff. So as usual it was a great session and I ALWAYS enjoy spending time with such a gentle soul.

I greeted Watson when I came onto the property in the morning and I could see he was feeling A LOT better his eyes were alert and shinning. I think he took what he needed when I was working on Scout. I stopped into his stall he was still eating his hay and I felt that he was doing really well so I left.

I was told Sherman was having a tough time when I saw him in his stall he was vibrating at 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. Just through all the activity in the barn I asked if we could move Sherman down to Scout and Watson's stalls since they had already moved out. I know Sherman is a very sensitive horse in the sense it's like he "wears his feeling on his sleeve" if I can use that term. I felt he was looking for a way to settle down but just didn't know how to do it for himself. Throughout the session he would come and stand beside and then talk a little walk and come back. It's like he could feel that it was calm and peaceful all around me and he wanted to absorb it. If he was vibrating at 12 at the begining I got him down to about 8, he was so restless he couldn't relax further.

Then Sasha and Bella were brought down to Scout and Watson's stalls. Bella immediately noticed that Watson still had hay so she went in to eat it, Sasha suddenly panicked because she couldn't see Bella, Bella sensed this and stepped out of the stall so Sasha could see her then Sasha calmed down. Throughout the session Bella would stick her head out of the stall just to check on Sasha. Actually I'm glad we were forced to work somewhere else other then Sasha's stall, she is so fixated on keeping a watch over the field, whereas in Scout's stall she was sheltered from the big world and hidden away I felt she really calmed down and was quite comfortable. She was more interactive with me, she approached me several times and just stood near me and I could see she was getting calmer and calmer despite all the dogs barking :)

Feb 13, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a great day at the barn I saw Scout, Sasha and Watson.

I started off with Watson, I must say he has come along way over the past 2 weeks. I could tell his withers were still a bit tight and achey and while was there he still had a bit of "the runs" ... I think that was just stress coming out. Scout was right by the fence getting really relaxed while I was with Watson. Watson seemed to think that this was his energy and that it should go only to him and was trying to push Scout away from the fence. In the past when I go to Scout, Watson can really relax and go to sleep to I think the next time I see these 2 I will start with Scout this way Watson will already be very calm he won't notice where Scout is and what he is doing when it is his turn. I think Watson could benefit from a good brushing, it would stimulate the muscles and bring in fresh blood to where he is stiff.

Oh I ALWAYS enjoy my sessions with Scout! As I mentioned we was already nodding off to sleep when I was with Watson. He snuggled right up to me and closed his eyes, he yawned a few times as well. I thought I would focus on his front legs a bit since they are wrapped because of his arthritis. I never physically touched his legs (my hands a couple inches away) and when I worked on the inside of his legs WOW did he feel it... his head instantly dropped down to see what I was doing!! Energy work never causes pain but you can feel sensations such as movement of energy, pressure or even feeling of hot and cold. So I think he felt something like that, it didn't cause him any discomfort that he walked away I think he was just startled from the sensation.

I decided that I would change my approach with Sasha. I know that when I work on 1 horse the horses nearby also benefit by relaxing and and calming down. Bella usually comes outside to join us and she blows out and yawns. I thought maybe I should focus a bit more energy towards Bella and as she relaxes Sasha will too rather then directing most of my energy and thoughts towards Sasha. Unfortunately there was activity in the fields and both Sasha and Bella were pretty focused on what was going on. Apparently Hoss was causing a bit of a problem out in the field so they brought him into the barn so that changed the entire vib so I ended the session.

Have a good week!

Feb 6, 2016 at CVTRS

I saw Scout, Watson and Sasha today.

I started with Watson as I knew he had a rough week. I came back on Monday and gave him another session, he was so stiff and slow moving he just stood there with his eyes closed and slept. So today I could see he was getting back to his old self, he was taking an interest in the outside world, he and Scout played their biting game and then he had to watch the barn staff to see what they were up to, gradually he settled down and soaked up the energy and relaxed.

Then off to Scout, he was already relaxing from Watson's session. Scout just snuggled up to me and just let his cares float away and relaxed. I think that Scout is also starting to perk up and feel a bit better too. It was great spending time him. Through out the time I was with Scout Watson was still very very relaxed.

Well I'm glad my 1st two sessions went well because Sasha was so not into me today. I stayed 5 min but she wanted a day off.

Jan 30, 2016 at CVTRS

It was a FABULOUS day at the barn. My line up was Sasha and my 2 favorite boys Scout and Watson.

Watson saw me walking onto the grounds so he walked up to the fence to greet me. Normally he prefers to stand at a certain distance and angle from me but today it was different so I let him show me what he wanted. First of all he came and stood right beside me, all of sudden I could feel pain between my shoulder blades (sometimes I will feel the aches and pains of others) so I focused my attention to his withers and suddenly his head just dropped down and he stayed like that for awhile. Then he walked away and did his usual poses, I felt that the tension was leaving his shoulders so I thought the session was winding down. With my hand about 4" above him I ran my hand down his back, well again his head just dropped and he stood there for quite awhile.. needless to say I stayed a bit longer. As he stood there I could see his eye lids dropping and his head was so low I could just see his ears. My thought was wow he really needed this session! I spoke to Kensy later and she said that Watson is not being used because of his back and a chiropractor was expected to show up. I was happy that I was able to give him some relief and I'm sure he'll feel better after the chiropractor treatment.

I went to Scout next... well he got in on Watson's session as he was standing pretty close to the adjoining fence. By the time I came to his stall he had returned eating his hay. He was very calm and relaxed by the time I walked in but I still get the feeling that he is out of sorts. I still think he misses Max.

Sasha was standing outside looking over her fence when I came in, she turned and walked towards me and gave me a soft little neigh. She continued to stand right in front of me and I could see her head starting to relax down and her eye lids getting heavy, then she returned to her post watching over the fence. It dawned on me that standing at the fence served a purpose because she could rest her head on it if she fell asleep. I could see that she was really getting into it as she had a hard time keeping her eyes open then I felt I had an invitation to get closer so I did. After some time I felt another nudge to get closer so I did each time I could see she was relaxing more and more. Bella in the next stall picking up on all this came outside dropped her head and blew out a few times. By the end of the session, she hadn't moved but I was about 18" away from her. I felt things were really starting to shift for her, normally she is so contained and controlling about the energy and environment around her but now there was more flow. I also felt she really wanted to start to be more lighthearted, to have fun and hear laughter. I was so pleased, I know this doesn't happen over night and it's a journey to get there but the intention has started. 

have a good week!

Jan 23, 2016 at CVTRS

I saw Maggie, Hoss and Sasha this Saturday.

I started off with Maggie and Hoss but in stayed in Maggie's stall for the session. Maggie was very good she didn't poke me at all so that was a big improvement, I appreciate she respected my boundaries. She released a series of yawns near the end of the session. Hoss started to spend more time along the fence line near me. I think he was getting a lot more out of this session, shook his head a few times and did some yawning... so baby steps with these two. 

Sasha was still munching on her last bit of hay when I walked in. I think she is really starting to trust me more and she seems more relaxed with me. She spent most of her time in outside looking over the fence but I could see her eye lids dropping. Then Bella came out and stood near the fence and dropped her head. A couple of times Sasha would come and stand and face me and I would think great I love it when she is that receptive, unfortunately someone would walk down the hallway and she would be distracted and head for the door. On the plus side she would find her way back and come in stand in front of me again. The third time it happened I wrapped up the session.

Jan 16, 2016 at CVTRS

My line up was Scout, Maggie, Hoss and Sasha.

I started off with Scout. I just love this guy!! He came up and snuggled right up to me. It is so satisfying when a horse knows and appreciates what I do and Scout is one of them. His head went lower and lower and his eye lid started to get heavier and heavier, there where a few times that I thought he might actually lay down. I remember I saw him back in Dec and he seamed a little out of sorts and it was on my radar to try and see him again soon. I heard that Max has retired, I know they weren't paddock mates but nevertheless they are all part of the same herd and Max had a very strong grounding presence so maybe Scout is missing him.

I went to Maggie/ Hoss next. They were busy eating in their stalls so I had to separate Maggie from her food and close the stall door. She was a lot better with me this week, I didn't have to physically separate myself from her she respected my space, she only nudged me once... so we have made progress. Hoss eventually came out of his stall and stood by the adjoining fence he gave a few blow outs and Maggie release 3 big blow outs in a row (no yawning this week LOL). I didn't work directly with Hoss but I know he felt the energy moving about and he is very curious about me.

Sasha was in a really good place today. Shortly after going into her stall she gave out a little sigh :) She basically had her head out the door looking into the hallway but then I realized it served a purpose, her head was dropping and she would rest her neck on the door. Her eye lids were getting heavy as well but she has so much mental energy going on I she just couldn't let go. At times her ears were moving around so much trying to pick up activity but the barn was so quiet it was just Bella, Sasha and myself.

Jan 9, 2016 at CVTRS

My line up was Maggie, Hoss and Sasha.

I started off with Maggie and I was curious to see how she would be compared to last week. She started to poke at me a few times so I just went into the empty stall and closed the door, when she walked away I came out. Maggie did a lot of releasing she yawned 12 times in a row, and she continued to yawn from time to time through out the session. Later she walked up to me and I wasn't going to give her the chance to poke me so I stepped to the side and laid my hands on her and she settled down and accepted it. Then I thought hmm maybe her poking me was her way of asking me to touch her! Usually horses communicate their request more gently, if I was to describe Maggie's style of it's it would be a bull in a china store. :)

I spent 40 minutes with the 2 horses but I stayed in Maggie's stall because of Hoss' uncertainty to me. Last week I found I was more successful with my body language ignoring him but I was actively working on him. I could see that he was calming down by my working on Maggie and one time she walked passed him and he shook and blew out. He eventually came closer to the fence which meant he was closer to me, I want him to learn it feels good when he is close to me. I stayed at least 2 or 3 feet away from his fence and sometimes he had his head over the fence looking at me but I didn't go near him, he needs to learn that me touching him is a privilege and he has to earn my trust as he was very pushy when I attempted to interact with him last week.

Sasha was in a very good space today. When I walked into her stall she immediately walked right up beside me stood there for a moment or two and blew out. She spent most of the time looking out into the hallway as if to say to the barn staff "I'm still here don't forget about me." I know she was pretty relaxed and her head was down and I saw her struggle to keep her eyes open at times.

Have a good week!

Jan 4, 2016 at CVTRS

Happy New Year! 

On Saturday I spent time with Maggie and Hoss as the barn staff had indicated they were out of sorts.

I started off with Maggie, from the moment I entered her stall she was glued to me. She was constantly in my space no matter where I moved her head was right at my chest, she was either nibbling on me or poking me. On the plus side she yawned for about 4 or 5 minutes, I've never seen a horse yawn so much. Hoss in the next stall started to settle down as well and he blew out a few times. Despite Maggie's yawning she wasn't settling down completely she would still come into my space so I went into the empty stall between Maggie and Hoss and stood there out of her reach. She started to really settle down and relax. Maggie is such a sweet gentle horse:)

Hoss on the other hand was getting very curious about my presence, I stayed inside the empty stall for awhile so we could gradually get more acquainted to each other. I feel that Hoss isn't a very confident horse and I think it's because he is still young and is trying to figure out his relationship to the outer world. I notice that his ears go back very easily at the slightest change in his space so to me that reflects his uncertainty so it's probably just a matter of time until he becomes more confident. I feel that he tries to dominate but it's not out of true confidence but out of fear or lack of confidence. In the meantime I can help by working on grounding him as he seems to live too much in his head. I eventually came into his stall and he was constantly in my space and poking at me and so I retreated back into the empty stall. I thought this still isn't working as I'm directly in front of him and he is focused on me so I went back into Maggie's stall (she was completely relaxed in the far corner ignoring me); from there I focused my attention on Hoss with my back partially turned to him....finally he started to settle down and relax his head. This was an interesting experience for me as I had to "pretend" not to be working on him.

Dec 19, 2015 at CVTRS

When I walked on the property I saw Watson and Scout so I went to say hi to them, Kensy walked past and said I could work on who ever I wanted... I thought Watson, Scout and Sasha.

I have always really enjoyed Watson and Scout's company, these two have my heart! I started with Watson, just as I was focusing on grounding myself and he was right beside me he gave out a really big yawn. Then he turned his back end to me and dropped his head, his head was so low I couldn't even see his ears! Somehow he got turned around and decided to play with me a bit, he would rubbed his nose against my check and then tried to knock off my hat. Once he settled down again he started to relax again. Watson has always been a guy where I stay still and then he positions himself.... I could see in the next stall Scout was already watching and relaxing.

I went to see Scout next... what a fabulous guy! I just smile when he comes up so close and wants to cuddle.. we were pretty much eye to eye for most of the session. I felt that Scout has a lot of mental activity going on, not sure quite what it is all about but I think he is ready for some time off. He yawned and gave a fee blow outs but I know there was more tension that needed to be released, he just wouldn't completely let go and relax as he has done in the past.

Then I went to see Sasha, she was pretty upset, pacing in her stall and calling out. I then realized Bella wasn't in the next stall, so she was probably looking for her. It was an up hill battle, Sasha was beside herself so I thought the best thing I could do is leave and then she could get out to the field with Bella.

Dec 12, 2015 at CVTRS

I really do miss the horses when I have to miss a week so it was nice to be back! With the high winds and rain the barn staff decided to keep everyone inside. I was really surprised to see Max and Echo in the barn (due to Echo's injury).

There was a lot of activity so I thought while everyone is getting organized I would go and see Maggie and Hoss who were in Max 'sand Echo's paddock. I have never spent any time with them I have just seen them through passing and so I thought this was a good time for an introduction. I've had the impression that Maggie is a very gentle horse, easy to get along with and eager to please. Hoss on the other hand I feel is somewhat uncertain about me, I know see sees or feels what I do but he is not sure about it. Maybe I haven't seen him in his finer moments but the odd time he has put his ears back when I'm around. I really debated which stall to go into Hoss's paddock looked a bit dryer so I went in. They were busy eating so that was a good distraction; I just really wanted Hoss to get comfortable with me so I kept my distance. He would grab a mouthful of hay and turn his head to watch me as he ate, he wasn't showing any signs of discomfort with me being there so it all went well. I do think Maggie helps to ground him a lot, he just seems a little more uncertain things.

I went to see Jiggs next, she was still busy eating and understandably they are not interested in me or relaxing when there is hay around so it hard for me to see how I'm impacting them. Jiggs is a very clear horse when it comes to energy work, she know exactly what it is about and is either into it or not and will come up to me and ask for it. She stood beside me for awhile and I could see her eyes start to close bit. Then she walked outside, I looked to see what she was doing and she had her neck over the fence into the next stall and her eyes were closing. I had to chuckle as I remembered she did that in the spring last year and would use the fence to support her neck while resting. Well then Max came outside apparently she was in his space everyone's ears were back, I saw some teeth and heard noise.... I left Jiggs' stall pretty quick. Unfortunately that ended the session, poor Jiggs was probably very startled by Max in addition she is not use to him being up in the barn. 

I went to see Sasha next. When I first arrive in the morning I always go down the row and say hi to everyone and when I came to Sasha I must say I felt she was happy to see me:) I took that as a great compliment coming from Sasha! She was outside just finishing eating when I came into her stall, she looked up at me and continued eating for a few minutes and then came inside and stood parallel to me. I could tell that she was in a really good place this morning and was open to spending time with me. I really want her to learn that she can feel better just by being with me. My rule with her when I'm inside her stall (her space) is to never touch her unless she asks. The horses are constantly being touched and handled by so many people during the week I just want them to know that it's safe to be with me and there doesn't need to be contact unless they ask. It was a great session, she gave a few gentle little blow outs and her eyes lids were getting heavy and heavier. Every once and awhile she would turn and look and me or nibble on my jacket but I kept my hands in my pockets.

Nov 28, 2015 at CVTRS

It was a nippy morning at the stables!

It was my first Saturday to my new routine and the barn staff had just gotten started before I came and since the horses were still the barn they asked me who I wanted to work with. Well I did want to work with Sasha and I believe Bella was going to stay because of morning class I thought that would be a good pair. Also I know Bella and Sasha are close so if Bella gets more relaxed that in turn passes on to Sasha.

Bella certainly lives up to her name she is such a calm beautiful spirit. She didn't fall asleep like she did last time but she was certainly relaxed. Just a few minutes into working on Bella, Sasha who was in the next stall released quite a few blow travels LOL. While I was with Bella I noticed Sasha and Brydee lowering their heads and relaxing as well, then they would play who could bite each other then stop line up with their back ends facing me and heads down, this repeated about 2 or 3 times.

Sasha....well remember she is the layered horse. Although she didn't show obvious signs of relaxing as she seemed pretty alert to the barn staff she did let out some big yawns. I could tell she was fighting it a bit because she was trying to watch for the staff but I could see her eye lids were getting pretty heavy at times. I would have liked to have had a repeat session like the last one, but we move at her pace.

Nov 15, 2015 at CVTRS

My line up was Layton, Sasha and Bella

I started off with Layton; I don't see the little man very often but I know him well enough that my nickname for him is Mr Nibbles. He was busy watching the barn hallway so I went and stood outside, he eventually came out too. I didn't want him distracted by the barn staff so when we were outside I closed the door to his inner stall. And as I anticipated he wanted to nibble on me so I hopped the fence and stood in Cody's stall just out of his reach. He did gradually settle down and eventually came over and stood in front of me. He has a pretty active mind so any noise pulled him away from what I was doing. I did see his head go down and his eyes closed until there was a noise... what a little man :)

I went to Bella next; I didn't see her every much last year so I'm still learning about her. She was just finishing eating some hay and so I went and stood outside and she eventually joined me. She positioned herself so her back end was in front of me but not close enough to touch, very quickly her head went down and eyes closed. That was how we spent our time until a man came out on to the track behind us and Sasha came out and glared at the man with nostrils flaring, of course Bella was disturbed by how Sasha was reacting. Eventually Bella and I got on track she shook her head shakes a few times and released by blowing out. She is such a solid horse I felt that she very much appreciated the relaxation time.

I then hopped the fence to Sasha, I find her fascinating and a challenge. She started facing away from me and I could see her eyes closing and then she would turn her head and look back at me. Eventually she turned around and stood parallel to me about 12 inches away and started to nod off and on. I kept my hands in my pockets and didn't attempt to touch her as I want her to learn that she can feel good just by being next to me. Some horses like the physical contact some don't for Sasha I think it's really important not to touch her. She gradually came closer so that her head was about 6 inched away from me. Meanwhile Bella was still relaxing/sleeping where I left her and I heard some really big blow outs from Layton; Sasha yawned, shook her head and gave some big blow outs as well. I spent extra time with Sasha she didn't break the session I felt I would stay as long as she wanted, I was just so happy that she was trusting me enough to really relax. I've seen her a few times already this fall and I'm glad she is getting more comfortable with me and I think today she really understands what I do and what she can gain so I feel we actually have a relationship now! I got the impression that she has had a difficult past and it is hard for her to trust. It was funny at the end we both gave a stretch at the same time, then she walked over to Bella and poked her in the back end to wake her up....Bella's ears went back she obviously didn't appreciate being disturbed. She has a sassy sense of humor!

Nov 8, 2015 at CVTRS

It was a fabulous morning at the stables, everyone was so peaceful! I saw Sasha, Sherman and Cola.

I started off with Sasha. She is a complicated girl, she has many layers... I'm not sure what that means but that was the impression she gave me. She is open to the energy work but not sure how to approach it or what to do with it. She eventually came and stood beside and shortly after putting my hands on her she yawned and yawned and kept on yawning, she walked away from me and kept on yawning... bless her :) So she certainly released some tension.

Sherman was next, he was so restless he kept wanting to nibble on me so I had to hop the fence and stood in Jiggs' outside stall so he couldn't touch me. He eventually settled down and relaxed. Cola feeling Sherman relax came outside as well and go in on the relaxation action.

I went over to Cola in her outside stall and she was really getting into it then a truck and horse trailer came to the track behind us. Well both Sherman and Cola had to watch and see who this horse was! Cola was so cute she was watching and then her eyes where closing the she thought "no no I must watch this horse.." then started nodding off again, this continued for quite sometime. In the end I won Cola was so snuggled up to me my face was in her mane and behind me Sherman's head was down and his eyes closed, I had put both of them to sleep! 

I just love these guys!

Nov 1, 2015 at CVTRS

Today I had Bella, Cola and Sherman

I don't see Bella that often as she is such as she is such a calm horse. I must say I think she needed it as she is normally a very vibrant horse but today she felt more reserved or like her energy was more self contained. As I was working on her the energy was traveling throughout the barn as I kept hearing either Cola or Sherman blowing out. I know she appreciated it as she would move towards me despite the fact she was eating.

I moved to Sherman next. Sherman can have a lot of restless energy so I find it easier to work on him after I work on someone else because he feels the energy of the first horse and calms down so by the time I get to him he is calmer and more open. He loves it when I put my hand on his back end, he keeps backing up into me to get closer and closer. I have to be careful as he backs me up into the wall and squishes me into so I have to step to the side. Both Sherman and Cola gave blow outs while I worked on him.

I feel that Cola has calmed down a quite a bit considering where she was at the start of the program but there is still some restless energy there to work out. After eating she was a torn, she wanted to stay near me because it make her feel good yet the barn staff were working nearby and she was eager to get to the paddock. The compromise was her looking out her door with me at her back end, I could see her eye close and her head drop. If she woke up I would step to the side so I was no longer touching her and she would move her back end in front of me so I would touch her again... so I know she liked it :)

Oct 24, 2015 at CVTRS

Sasha and Cola were in my line up today. When I arrived the horses were still busy eating and it's a bit of a challenge to work on an animal that is hungry so food will always win. I know they still get some relaxation but they don't get REALLY relaxed.

I've only seen Sasha a few times last year so I'm not that familiar with her and in the past she wasn't really open to what I was doing. I was told she was in heat and I must say this time she was really open. She didn't mind that I was in her stall even though she was eating she gave the odd blow out and was eager to bask in the calm energy. Maybe how she will change her opinion about what I do :)

Cola was still eating and was a little restless, she kept looking at her neighbor Brydee with her ears back as if he was going to jump over 2 fences to get to her hay. It was a bit of a challenge to get her focus as after eating she wanted out to the fields.

Oct 20, 2015 at CVTRS

I went to spend an hour with Cola as she has been working on re adjusting to being back in the program. Since there were no classes with week it was just her and I in the barn. She took about 10 to 15 minutes to settle in but once she did she stood 6 inches away from me with her eye closed and head down. As she stood there she would stomp her hoof or swish her tail releasing the tension she was holding on to. Then I started hearing these strange tooting sounds, at first I thought it was someone nearby with a whistle.... I think she was neighing in her sleep and it was her tooting. She would of happily stayed there with longer then an hour but unfortunately I needed to get going. I think she released a lot of the tension she was holding on to.

Oct 18, 2015 at CVTRS

My line up was Brydee, Cola , Scout and Watson. I thought Brydee has really improved, I didn't pick up the sensitivity in his hooves like I did the last time. I just feel he is such a trooper and always gives his best.

Cola I know has been has been off, there was a frantic energy about her, as if there is a black cloud around her head. I spent about 40 minutes with her as it took me awhile for her to open up and relax into it. We were in her stall and she eventually went to the outside section she stood in a corner and swished her tail and stomped her hooves into the ground for a few minutes... I was glad to see that she was releasing some of her frustration. Once she got that out her system she walked up to me and wanted to be touched, she kept moving herself around me showing me where she wanted to touch her. As the session went on she started closing her eyes and near the end she was yawning a fair bit. I was so happy to see her finally being able to relax and let the tension out. 

I went to see Watson and Scout next, they both greeted me and then they went back into their stalls to eat! I thought ok I will stand at the fence that separates them ground myself and radiate energy and see who comes out. So basically they a tagged team, Scout would come out for awhile and then Watson... so basically I did 2 at the same time and they seemed ok with it :)

Oct 11, 2015 at CVTRS

I saw 3 fabulous boys this Sunday Brydee, Scout and Watson! I haven't seen Brydee in a long time and I must say he has really changed. I think the biggest change in him is because CVTRS owns him now and boy does he feel the love and that he belongs; he had such a sense of peace and openness about him. Oh I know his hooves are bothering him, I had to be so gentle about working around his legs and hooves. All in all he is a pretty happy man!

Scout... oh he is a master of unconditional love! Scout was munching on his hay when I came into his stall, I was impressed Watson walked away from his food to come and say hi to me while I was in Scouts stall, I always thought food was the main priority so I took that as a HUGE compliment:) Scout enjoys the energy sessions and he even stopped eating and stood still while I was working on his abscess so he obviously felt some relief. The wound looked a lot better compared to last week.

Over the fence and to Watson. This guy knows exactly what he wants and how he wants it. He didn't go near his hay the entire time I was there... wow I was impressed! My job is to stand still and he positions himself and to the exact angle he wants... I always find it interesting to watch. His favorite position is to stand on the cement sidewalk facing the barn and he will stand there like a statue. He is such a lovable gentle guy.

Oct 4, 2015 at CVTRS 

The horses were already out in the fields when I arrived. Annie said Scout had an abbess and to see the new horses as classes start this week. Scout was in with Watson, I went up to greet Watson then Scout and then started. Well it seems that Watson wanted my attention as he walked in between Scout and I had made Scout move to another part of the field and then Watson stood in between us. So I followed them to where they went and tried to focus energy on both horses so both would be happy (a new challenge for me). I could tell Scout was out of sorts as he is normally more interactive and hands on but today he wanted more space. I went to see Molly and Hoss, Molly came and greeted me right away and the Hoss gradually came over. I think they were a little uncertain about me, at one point Hoss was standing off to the side, he turned to look at me and his ears went back. I thought opps I might be in trouble but he straightened his ears and continued on. I think they are still trying to find their place in the herd, I don't feel that they have bonded to each other yet. I didn't want to push my presence on them so after 15 minutes I left.

Sept 27, 2015 My first Sunday back at CVTRS

All the horses were already out in the fields which actually I thought was great because I could see more horses. She had mentioned that Jigs and Sherman (happy to see that he is back) were off a bit. I started with Jigs as it has been quite awhile since I saw Sherman and he just might need the extra time to adjust to the energy that was going to be moving. I walked up to Jigs and she continued to eat grass making a circle around me, at one point she was eating the grass right at my feet and I could feel the grass being pulled right from under my feet LOL. Cody came up to us but just stayed a little further away. Once Jigs walked away I moved to the next paddock to see Cola and Sherman. Sherman I remember likes his personal space so I gave it to him and he eventually stayed very close to me and just like Jigs was eating the grass right from under my shoes :)

Well the next paddock was Watson and Scout so I HAD go and say hi to them. I spent a little time with each and of course Scout kept blocking my path to the entrance hahaha he was wanting a little extra TLC . Then I noticed Max and Echo moved to the fence that connected Scout and Watson so I HAD to pop over there and say hi to them. Max immediately walked up to me and greeted me and then walked away. 

So it was a fabulous day I got to at least say hi to most of them...they all seemed quite happy and relaxed.

May 31, 2015 at CVTRS

Well it was the last Sunday for me and the horses as they are all heading home for the summer. I had asked Amberly if it was possible to see Watson this week as he and I have a special bond; because of the location of his stall he was always the first horse that I would see and he would neigh gently when he saw me... he was my greeter :)

So my line up was Watson and Jiggs. I know it was hard on Watson to be put in the upper barn for me as I know he really would have preferred to be out in the field. There was a bit of a rough start to the morning because of a horse show that was happening right in beside the barn so there were people horses and kids playing right in front outside stalls...I thought oh well it is what it is. Luckily as soon as I started the show started so everyone moved to watch the show.

Watson was getting pretty restless so I thought I would start with him. I find he is a pretty sensitive horse, he prefers that when I do Reiki on him that it is from a distance and he adjusts himself to the perfect position, if he wants me to touch him he will approach and make contact. He gradually calmed down and ate then he would take a break walk up to me and give me a nudge and then return to his food. Nearing the end of our session I a heard a few groans of relaxation. Meanwhile Jiggs was in the next stall (a walkway was separating the stalls) had her lowered head sticking between the boards getting in on the energy action. 

As soon as I hopped the fence over to Jiggs she immediately walked up to me. I know Jiggs LOVES Reiki, she likes physical contact and all I do is put my hands out and she walks forwards or backwards depending where she wants me to touch her. Today she couldn't get close enough to me she kept stepping closer and closer she eventually stepped on my foot! I kept having to take little steps back because she would move closer and she was already leaning into me and I was afraid of getting stepped on again. Again she her head through the wooden fence (maybe she was resting her neck on the boards), anyways she was so relaxed a barn staff would walk through the walkway to dump water and she didn't move.

I will miss my Sunday mornings and I look forward to seeing them in Sept.

May 24, 2015 at CVTRS

I must say it was the most AMAZING Sunday ever! Amberly had left Honey and Cola in the upper barn for me and Amberly suggested because of Cola's restlessness that we put them in the outside section of the stalls and close the doors so Cola isn't distracted by hallway activity. Brilliant idea! I started off with Honey hoping that Cola would gradually relax... it worked like a charm. Honey loves these energy sessions by the way after eating for a few minutes she came and stood my me closer and closer, I had to start watching my feet her hooves were getting very close :) Throughout the session she just wanted to be right beside me she released by little blows outs, closed her eyes and I even heard her groan with relaxation. At one time she walked right up to me so that I was facing her chest and her neck was right over my shoulder and I could feel her head dropping and I thought oh no I can't support the weight of her head on my shoulder.. I remember a similar experience with Scout. In the meantime Cola was eating, eventually her head was over the fence trying to get closer to me. I wish I had some taking photos, I was standing at the fence line 1 hand on Honey and the other on Cola. I thought Cola was getting pretty demanding and wanted all of my attention as I saw her inch closer to Honey with ears back so I had to be mindful I wasn't going to be in the middle of something. After a half an hour I hopped the fence to Cola's side. I think Cola really missed this sessions and how it made her feel, she walked right up to me and wanted me to touch her the entire time, she yawned and blew out and then her eyes started closing. Meanwhile Honey was up against the fence still trying to stay close to me, at one time while working on Cola I had Honey's nose right in my ear LOL. 

It was such an amazing experience to have both horses want to stay so close to me and how quickly they relaxed, I would have loved to spend the entire day with them. What a gift! It too bad no one was there with a camera it would have been great to have some photos of me being sandwiched by 2 horses LOL!

May 17, 2015 at CVTRS

When I walked into the barn I saw this horse I didn't recognize I thought really? They got a new horse? As I got closer I read the name on the door and it was Honey!! I realized it's been about a month since I've seen her, she has REALLY changed for the better. I was so impressed I thought I will start with Honey. She felt so good, she is grounded and calm I think coming to CVTRS was one of the best things for her she has really grown. She was really open to what I was doing after she finished eating she came over and stood right beside me, she stood so close that she had me pressed up against the fence. She would walk away and then return presenting me with another part of her body to touch and then sigh. Throughout the session she wanted to be so close she pretty much had me up against the fence and I was completely cover in her hair. I think her eyes must be feeling a bit better as she normally likes it when I massage her face but she didn't want me to do that today. What a beautiful spirit, she has really come into her own!

Then I saw Cody! He is such a calm horse I enjoy spending time with him. My visit with him was cut short as he became more interested in the horse show that was starting up. 

I purposely left Cola for the last session. I did notice when I arrived this morning there was a bit more of an agitation to her, I think she tolerates being in the upper barn. During the other sessions I heard her bang on the door a few times signaling to Amberly she was ready to go to the fields. I was hoping she would calm down a bit as I worked on the others and I did hear her blow out a few times as I worked on Honey. Within a few minutes of being with her she started to yawn and she calmed down bit more as the session went but her focus was she wanted out so she never fully relaxed.

May 13, 2015 at CVTRS

I really have missed your horses over the past 2 weeks so it was so nice to be back!

I started Max he was finishing some hay when I arrived then he spent some time with me and then decided "ok time to go out to the field where is Amberly?" I'm always in awe when I spend time with him, I feel that has such a big heart and sends a lot of love out to others. The past 2 times I've worked with him I've had a heaviness in my chest and I think that reflects that he works a lot with his heart center and when I come along I just help him clear out any residue.

Then I saw graceful Echo next, what a delightful horse and such light hearted spirit. She has her routine with me I stand still she comes up to me and presents me with a body part to touch then walks it off comes back and does it again. Often when she presented me with her back end she would close her eyes and give out a deep sigh. A rabbit that was the exact same color as Max came and sat under the fence for the session, I guess he enjoyed the energy too. 

I hope you have a great week!

April 12, 2015 at CVTRS

Well it was a rather quiet day at the barn, my line up was Cody and Layton.

I started off with Cody, I think I only saw him one other time in the fall. He is a very balanced, reliable, calm horse. He gave a really long deep blow out while I was working on him, it reminded me of a sigh someone would give if he were so happy and content that he just relaxed further into the moment of deep peace. He is such a lovely gentle man! 

Layton (Mr Nibbles) was eating when I arrived which was just as well as I knew if he wasn't eating he would be nibbling on me:) I think the last time I worked on Layton was just before Christmas. He felt really good and like most horses like their back end worked on so he would back up into me while eating. 

Have a great week!

April 5, 2015 at CVTRS

Most horses were already out when I arrived, Amberly said they were restless and they wanted to get going, who could blame them it was a beautiful sunny day. So it was a quiet morning as I only saw Cola and Honey. Somehow they both spent the night in the big barn rather then their lower stalls and it was amazing to see the impact that had on the two of them. The first horse I saw when I walked into the barn was Honey, I barely recognized her as her energy was SO different!! She was calm, relaxed and so grounded she looked like I had just finished a session on her. Cola on the other hand was really agitated and she wanted out now!! I started with Cola to see if I could calm her down but just wasn’t interested as she wanted out. Normally I let the horses approach me if they want me to touch them and Cola wasn’t coming so I went to her after touching her she calmed down a tiny bit but she had wound herself up so much and she had one focus she just wanted out. Honey on the other hand was the complete opposite, when I was in Cola’s outside area she would come up to me and just stand beside me. Honey was very open and receptive to what I was doing when I came to spend time with her. To me her eyes looked a little better too.

March 29, 2015 at CVTRS

It was a great morning despite the rain and today I saw Honey, Echo and Cola.

I started off with Honey who was busy eating and seemed to be VERY hungry so I felt I couldn’t get far with her so I thought I would return later.

Next I went to Echo, Amberly said she waiting at the gate to go out. I walked to the center of her paddock and started to ground myself, she knock at her gate then started backing up towards me, I always chuckle when they give me their back ends to touch. Basically our entire session was her giving me her back end then she would circle around and come up behind me and put her head over my shoulder and stand there. Needless to say she wanted a very tactile session and she yawned all the way though it. She made me laugh a few times as she used me as a scratch post, she wrapped her neck around me and rub… that was a first for me LOL! At the end she decided to go and eat, Max was already eating in his paddock. I just laughed when I saw this, on her way to eat she came up to Max and bit him in the back end and then turned around to eat. Of course Max was not impressed he turned to look at her with his ears back. That girl has quite the sense of humor!

Then I returned to Honey and I thought you know she would probably really relax if I worked on Cola first as she would feel the energy from the next stall. Well Cola is doing fabulous, we had such a great session together last week I didn’t think she would be needing much today. She was still eating when I got there so I just stood there and sent her energy, after she finished she came for a bit more TLC. It’s always a pleasure spending time with her.

Back to Honey as I predicted she was calmer and more open to what I was doing. I spent all of my time focusing on her head, when I was working around her eyes kept yawning so I was pleased that she was releasing some tension. I found she really liked it when was rubbing around her check bones and especially around her left eye. She finally did some blow outs, Cola felt it shift too as she blew around right after.

Have a great week!

March 22, 2015 at CVTRS

This morning just flowed, I had Cola, Honey and Flair. I usually start with Cola when I work in that section just to set the tone and get energy moving for the other horses but for some reason I started with Honey. I got the feeling that Honey is really happy, she really likes her work and living at CVTRS. I haven’t worked with her a lot so she is still getting use to what I do. In the end she always gets closer and closer to me and realizes how relaxing a session is. To wrap up our session I worked on her face, she yawned a few times so she was releasing some tension. Cola was next… what happened in our session was AMAZING! Typically Cola loves our sessions and gets really involved. Today she started off slow she backed up to me as she likes her back end worked on then she circled around and came up from behind me and put her head over my shoulder just enough so that we were eye to eye. Throughout her entire session she was snuggled right up beside me we were either eye to eye or chest to chest, at one point she came so close that my face and nose was right in her mane. She is always so gentle around me no matter how close she is I never get stepped on or hit in the head she always moves so carefully. At one point she was so relaxed and her head so low, I reached down and put my hand behind her ear and at that moment her eyes ever so slowly closed. She is such a lovely spirit before I left I gave her a really big hug as I really enjoyed our snuggle time. Flair was a little uncertain when I came into her stall. At first she was more interested in her salt brick that was in her pail then me. Once she started to notice what I was doing she took more of an interest and gradually got closer. We eventually ended up outside, I stood right near the doorway and she either stood right in front of me or right beside me. She really took me by surprise when she walked in her stall and then laid down and rolled. I took that as a compliment that she would lay down with me so close to her as laying down she is in a vulnerable position and she trusted me enough to do so. Then she was up walked up right beside me and did a big blow out and I could feel the stress and tension just leave her, I looked at her and said “Oh that feels so much better now doesn’t it!” So i think Flair really enjoyed her first session

March 15, 2015 at CVTRS

I was shocked to hear that Sherman went home, I was quite attached to him! It was a quiet day today I saw Cola, Honey, Watson and Scout. The first set of stalls where Cola and Honey stay are certainly quiet now without Sherman. I really missed his presence there today and I know Cola and Honey probably feel the change more. I started off with Cola and normally she gets right into it but today not so much, I thought she might be adjusting to Sherman leaving. She didn’t indicate that she wanted me to touch her so I just sent her energy. She must have yawned at least 6 times within a few minutes so she was obviously releasing some tension. Honey has changed so much from when I first met her. I had to laugh when I saw her bang the door (ever so gently) with her leg, that is what Sherman did, so now it’s her job to remind everyone that the need to go to the pastures For part of my time I did focus on her head because of her tear ducts. I hope to be able to see her more often as I would hope that Reiki could improve her situation, I had success with other animals in the past. Watson, right after greeting me at the gate he walked to the exact same place where he stood last week and assumed “the position”… I just love this guy Sure enough his head started dropping, about 10 min later he walked away and stood there like a statue. I was still sending him energy but I was unsure if he still wanted me to continue, so I asked him “am I still helping you?” I heard “of course you are.” After some time he moved his head and released from his frozen stance. I went to pet him to say good bye but he suddenly turned and gave me his back end so I thought ok I guess I’m not finished. As soon as my hands were on him his head dropped and eyes closed. What can I say the man knows what he likes LOL. I then moved over to Scout who was slowly eating his hay in the stall. Meanwhile Watson followed me and stood as close as he possibly could to me. So I stood there sending energy out Scout was still eating not really bothering with me and Watson with his head down and eyes closing. Scout didn’t seem terribly interested in me I got the impression he felt Watson needed it more then him.

March 8, 2015 at CVTRS

I had great group in my line up Echo, Max, Watson and Scout!! Well there was a horse event going on at the grounds, so it wasn’t as calm as usual and there were a few distractions especially for Max and Echo as they were closest to the activity. I started with Echo, what a great way to start my day! She is doing really well; no matter what the other horses were doing she stayed calm and relaxed. Nothing of great interest to report from our session. Max the handsome man with a huge heart! He was more distracted by everything going on this morning but in the end he really settled down and wanted some TLC (which is always mutual between he and I). Then Watson and Scout, they weren’t going to let the horse event impact their session! Watson greeted me at the door; we shared a few cuddles then he walked away from me and assumed “the position”. I had to laugh to myself, I barely got started and his head was already lowered and a minute later his eye lids started to flutter shut. Later I moved a bit and then he moved so his body was at the same angle and direction as it was before, he definitely wanted me in a certain position in relation to his body and then again head down, eyes closing. About 20 min later he stretched and walked back to his hay to eat breakfast. I just love that man! Scout was just as eager, although he thought we should play first by nibbling on me. So there we are face to face and I just sent him the thought to relax and I sent him energy, and he suddenly stopped nibbling, his eyes were closing and his head dropping. Throughout our entire session we were face to face, eye to eye (maybe 6 inches between us) he never moved. Although at one point I was concerned that as he was relaxing his head was going to fall on my shoulder, and I didn’t think could bare the weight of his head for long. What a gift he gave me to be so close for so long, and to be honest I wouldn’t let just any horse be in my space for so long as I find often I end up closing my eyes to focus and I need to keep my eyes open in case the horse moves. He is an absolute treasure!

March 1, 2015 at CVTRS

My line up was Bella, Sasha, Brydee and Jiggs. I have only seen Sasha and Bella once so I was excited to see them again. Sasha I find to be a timid horse and today she seemed a bit restless. She was very interested in me but at the same time unsure. She would take a mouthful of hay and then come and stand beside me and gradually she was standing closer and closer, eventually I she was comfortable with me touching her. While I was with Sasha, Brydee sensed what was going on and came outside to hang out in the energy. Bella I find to be a very solid, stable confident horse. While I was working with Bella, Sasha was starting to really relax, her head started dropping and eyes closing, Brydee, too was leaning against the fence and then Jiggs came outside too and was relaxing with the energy, so it was cute to see a line up of horses basking! Brydee I felt really passed a marker today. I’ve always had the impression that he is a hard worker, very reliable and dependable but I also felt he never valued himself very much. Before when I went to see him I felt that he didn’t want much attention and that I was to spend very little time with him. I always saw him relax into the energy while I worked on others but really didn’t want his own session. It’s been a few weeks since I saw him and over that time I kept picturing him and sending him loving thoughts. Well that paid off today, what a greeting I got when he first saw me and when I went into his stall, he was so open (he was still half asleep leaning against the fence) he just lapped it all up and really opened to me in away he never has! Jiggs I’ve always felt a special bond with her, I remember when she came to the program and when I first met her my heart just leaped with excitement. By the time I came to work on Jiggs she had already relaxed into the energy that was going on for over hour. I didn’t stay long as I felt she got want she needed so we just snuggled a bit. I find horses hold a lot of tension in their back end so it’s common that that this is the first body part that they present to me to be worked on. Here they all lined up in a row:)a

Feb 23, 2015 at CVTRS

It was a fabulous day today! My line up was Honey, Sherman and Cola. It was the 2nd time that I worked with Honey and already I noticed changes. The first time she was very timid and unsure but this time I really felt was starting to open up and feel more comfortable in her new residence and being part of a team. She really has a beautiful spirit and is working on starting to let her light shine. Near the end she really wanted me to touch her face and yawned while I was touching her. It wasn’t until the I was leaving that morning Amberly said she has a problem with her tear ducks. Now it makes sense so the next time I will put more of a focus on her face. Cola was next, wow she has really transformed since I first met her back in the fall. She has such an amazing presence, now feels so calm and balanced, I always enjoy working with her. After I left and was with Sherman she kept blowing out so she was still releasing. I purposely did Sherman last as I wanted to give him time to feel the energy that was going on next to him with the other horses. When Sherman gets into the energy work he really gets into it! Normally I can hear him pace back and forth waiting to go to the fields. When I went in he stopped pacing and came near me and ate. Then he joined me outside and snuggled up right beside me and want me to touch him on his face, neck and chest. Then she shifted to give me his back end and he literally stood there for about 15min. I started to notice his head dropping down and his eyes slowly fluttering shut. In the meantime Honey thought this felt good too so she came outside and stood there, same thing head down and eyes slowly closing. It was so nice to see that Sherman was so relaxed, he made my day! I love working on your horses!

Feb 15, 2015 at CVTRS

Yesterday was a fabulous day! My line up was Max, Echo, Jigs and Brydee. Echo I hadn’t had a chance to work on her since she had all the hormone problems. She really got into it and appreciated the session. What a lovely gentle spirit she is! Max took an interest in what Echo and I were doing and came and stood by the fence to absorb it all, but when I came to him he thought he should he out to the fields. This time Echo came to his side of the fence and got into the session, Max finally came over and relaxed into the energy… then I had a rabbit come and sit with us for awhile. Jiggs is a very good communicator; she has no problem telling me where to work. There was a lot of heat coming out where her bandage was so I spent some time in the area, it felt much better when I left. While working on Jiggs, I noticed Brydee leaning on the fence closed to us and it looked like he was sleeping, so he was obviously getting in on the action LOL. Jigs didn’t want me to stop, she kept moving where she wanted me to work but it was time to move to Brydee. Unfortunately some dogs were in the arena and he was focusing most of his attention on what they were doing. I still worked on him, but he didn’t pay much attention to me. At least he had a good session while I was working on Jiggs.

Feb 8, 2015 at CVTRS

Oh what a lovely morning it was! The line up was Jiggs, Brydee, Watson and your young man Scout! Jiggs always appreciates energy sessions. I noticed her back legs wrapped, I didn’t feel anything unusual in the area. Later Amberley told me what had happened. Brydee certainly needed a session! I tend to find hot spots and blocks along is back end so I hope I eased some tension for him. I know he is an older man and has worked hard in his life… he is such a loving spirit. Watson, I know he has been wanting to spend some time with me for awhile, so today it finally happened. Oh what love pours out of him! I’m not sure who was doing energy work on who today but boy it felt lovely! Scout was so calm when I walked in; normally he is very interactive verging on playful. I think he was feeling the energy between me and Watson so he was already very relaxed. During our session Watson walked over to the fence and stood there, I guess he wanted more After Watson and Scout I felt so grounded and peaceful, and I knew they felt the same; I was ready to go home and crawl back into bed! On my way to the barn I turned and looked back at Echo, she stood there watching me so I sent her some energy and she started yawning. I really felt her pulling at me but I knew it wasn’t going to work out today maybe next week. Amberley and I thought next week the line up would be Max, Echo and Honey. Max and Echo really respond well to the energy work which I’m hoping will relax Honey. If she is surrounded by the energy for an hour or so that will her settle more.

Feb 1, 2015 at CVTRS

My line up today was Honey, Sherman and Cola. It was the first time I met Honey. She certainly is a willing spirit and I thought got a lot out of the session as she kept yawning so she was releasing. She felt a bit uncertain but with more sessions she will probably feel more comfortable. Sherman normally likes the sessions but he made it clear he was not in the mood. He was pushing me with his head when I was in his stall, he was banging into the door and biting the door frame so I left his stall…I feel that’s his space and I need to be invited. Cola what a lovely spirit she always loves the sessions! She has grown so much since I’ve been working with her; she is turning into another “Max” energy, just so much love comes out of her. While working on her Sherman finally quieted down and stopped pacing so obviously he was picking up on what Cola and I were doing and was able to relax. So that was it today. We spoke about Echo, Watson, Bella and Sasha as I haven’t seen them in awhile.