What Is Traditional Hands On Healing?

Laying of hands has been used for centuries. To a casual observer, one would see a “healer” place their hands on someone in pain and then the pain would be gone. For myself, I feel what I call “universal energy” come through my hands. I simply receive and give the energy. When placing my hands on someone, I focus where it radiates in their body; the energy permeates into the cells and, if appropriate, can help with dis-ease in the body.

What Is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is love; abundant, unlimited and everywhere for each of us to draw upon. It is the essence of life.

How Traditional Healing Hands Can Help.

Stress and changes in life can easily throw us off balance. It is important to remember we are never disconnected from the universal energy. We need to be made aware of it and be reminded of our connection to it. Each individual is a unique expression of this energy; when we loose our balance we feel disconnected and naturally seek re–alignment.

The Goal Of Traditional Healing Hands.

The primary goal is to balance, to bring one physically and spiritually back into alignment. Each person progresses in their own innate unique way; we are all complex beings with unique histories and emotional experiences. To honor my gift, it is important to me that I help others attain inner balance and empower themselves in order to have optimal health, physical and spiritual well being. Once achieved, one can easily find that peaceful place within oneself and happiness radiates out.

Who Can Benefit?

Everyone! Men, women, children, pregnant women, seniors and palliative care can all benefit. It can even help our animal companions who are our biggest supporters in life as they too can often feel run down and misaligned. 

What Can You Expect From A Session?

Everyone's experience will be unique and everyone is going to get what they need. The feedback that I have received includes:

  • Relaxation
  • Calmness
  • Peace
  • Centeredness
  • Inner sense of well being and connectedness
  • Re-connected with inner joy
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Assists in the healing of surgeries and injuries

Universal energy has the potential to heal many things when one is ready and open for the re-alignment.